Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

These mini-sandwiches make a great party snack! The decorative toppers help hold all the layers of the sandwich together and also give it a fun festive look your guests will love.

Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

For these Football mini-sandwiches you’ll need: Baguette, Kale, Tomato & Yellow cheese.

How to make Football mini-sandwiches:

1. Cut 2 baguette circles for the top and bottom of the sandwich.

2. Put a small piece of kale on the bottom.

3. Add a small slice of tomato.

4. Add several layers of yellow cheese and place the top circle to close the sandwich.

5. Now comes the fun part – Decorating! Use Football-shaped party toppers on toothpicks to hold all layers of the sandwich together and turn it from a regular sandwich to a party sandwich!

Football Party Food Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

Tips and variations:

You can fill these sandwiches with anything you like. I recommend using a leaf as the base (kale, lettuce, etc.) and then top with your favorite combinations of vegetables, cheese, or meat.

You don’t need to cut anything to exact measurements, use your eye to cut small portions of what you put in the sandwiches.

Use rectangle bread slices and cut them diagonally to create triangle-shaped mini sandwiches.

Football Party Mini Sandwiches by Pixiebear Party Printbales

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