Super Bowl Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printbales

Are you excited about the Super Bowl?? Now is a great time to start planning your party!

Super Bowl Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printbales

Here are some questions to ask yourself and some steps to take towards a great Super Bowl party:

1. Where? Are you inviting people over to watch the game at your home or yard? Are you having an outdoor Tailgate party?

2. Who and how many? Are you celebrating with your close family and friends? Or do you want a big party with the whole neighborhood?

Once you decide on the where and who – send out your Superbowl Party Invitations, to make sure your guests save the date.

Super Bowl Party Invitations by Pixiebear Party Printbales

3. Party Food – bite sized food is always a great choice for a party built around watching a game, so that your guests will be able to enjoy the game without putting too much attention into the eating itself. Try this easy recipe for mini-sandwiches for example!

Super Bowl Party Food by Pixiebear Party Printbales

4. Super Bowl Party Decorations – These can help set the whole atmosphere of your party! Cheerful, colorful printables can make a great impact on your guests and really put them in the right mood for partying and cheering for your team! You can find more party decorating ideas here.

Super Bowl Party Decorations by Pixiebear Party Printbales

Super Bowl Party Decor Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printbales

Tailgate Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printbales

5. Have Fun!!

For more recipes and decoration ideas take a look at this post: Football party ideas. Click here to get the Super Bowl party printables you see in the photos.

How are you planning to celebrate the Super Bowl? Share your ideas in the comments.

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