Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

Sports games are always fun events full of energy and excitement. Whether you’re hosting a game-watching party, a football birthday, a Super Bowl party, or a tailgate party – you’ll want to feed your guests. These ideas will show you how you can do that with ease.

Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

Bite-sized snack portions make a great choice for a football-themed party built around watching a game or playing one. That way you can offer your guests variety, and they will be able to enjoy the game while eating at their own pace, chatting, and cheering. Here are 6 ideas to get you started:

1. Mini-sandwiches

These Football mini-sandwiches are super easy-to-make party snacks, which you can make in endless varieties according to your own taste. The football party toppers immediately bring your guests into the cheerful party atmosphere.

Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

2. Snack jars

Fill glass jars or tall drinking glasses with your favorite snacks (peanuts, mini crackers, candies, chocolates, etc.), then use printable football decorations to tie them to your party theme.

Football Party Printables by Pixiebear Party Printables

3. Nachos with dip

Another great party snack that always works, and Is rather easy to make (this is guacamole dip my husband made). You can find many recipes for dips in this post byΒ Chef in Training.

Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

4.Β Pigs in a blanket

Loved by children and adults alike, this makes the ultimate party snack.

Game Day Football Party Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

5. Treat boxes for the children (or for everyone)

Fill these football favor boxes with yummy goodies, chocolates, and snacks. Your guests will love taking these home at the end of the party.

Football Party Printable Favor Boxes by Pixiebear Party Printables

6. The best trick of all for creating themed party food the easy way

First, prepare whatever food is easiest for you to make, or even buy something. It can look as regular and as generic as they come. The trick is that you can easily theme ANY FOOD using printable football-themed decorations. Think of the peanuts in a glass jar for example! Toppers, liners, wrappers, and food cards are all simple ways to theme your party food and party table. And when you look back at all the other ideas in this post – you can see they are all using exactly that πŸ˜‰

So basically – you can make any food and theme it for your party in minutes.

Remember that sport is about reducing stress in your life, not adding more to it. Create your parties with ease and they will be that much more enjoyable.

Football Party Decor Ideas by Pixiebear Party Printables

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Football Party Decorations by Pixiebear Party Printables

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