Creating Valentine’s Day treat bags for an entire classroom can be time-consuming (especially if you have more than one child). 
But – it doesn’t have to be.

There are simpler ways to create fast and easy valentine school treats without losing your precious sleeping time (I hear you, my fellow busy mom!)

Here are 7 ideas for fast, easy and cost-effective Valentin’s Day school treats that you can make this year, using printables.

Read on for more ideas on what to do with these fun valentine’s day printables, for both candy and non-candy treats and favors.

    1. Valentine’s Day printable Tic-Tac-Toe game – Simply add Tic-Tac mints (preferably in red/pink colors) and you’re good to go! You can use any other small candy your kids love, just make sure you get it in two colors, to represent the two players of the game.
    2. Colorful valentine’s stickers – If you’re looking for a non-candy valentine favor, this is the one for you. Simply stick these fun stickers on small boxes of crayons and have your valentine favors ready in no time!
    3. Valentine’s Day baseball cards – Pair these with mini “Baby Ruth” candy bars. Your little sport’s fan will love handing these baseball valentines in the classroom!
    4. “Pizza my Heart” Valentine’s Day stickers – Perfect sized stickers for mini pizza boxes. If you prefer to bake sweets you can also make pizza-shapes cookies. You can have a fun baking afternoon with your kids (this is one of my favorite activities to do with the kids – I’m not much of a baker, but my boys love making cookies with me). They will be so proud giving their friends something they baked themselves!
    5. Hearts Valentine’s Day stickers – Hearts never go out of style, especially on Valentine’s Day. Pair these stickers with a bag of heart-shaped chocolates, or go with a non-candy favor use heart-shaped stamps. A quick trip to the dollar store will probably give you a ton more ideas of hearty favors you can use.
    6. Valentine’s Day safari cards – Fill a bag with animal crackers or with dollar store plastic animals (or both!). Your little ranger will sure love handing these out in class.
    7. Valentine’s Day race car stickers – I have not yet met a kid who doesn’t love toy cards (maybe it’s because I have two boys, but their girl-friends from kindergarten also love playing with the million toy vehicles we have at home when they come over). Put a small car in a clear bag and place one of these stickers on top.

Printables are a great way to create awesome looking Valentine’s Day treats in a short time.

New to printables? You can get a free printable right here and try for yourself.
These printable lunchbox notes will give you a little taste of how you can simplify your busy mom life from now on: