Halloween Cupcake Toppers by Pixiebear

Halloween Party Ideas for Easy Planning – Part 2

Summer is over, kids are back in school, and the fall is starting to show its signs outside – This is a great time to start planning for your yearly Halloween party! If you have a child celebrating an October birthday you might consider a Halloween Birthday as well.

Halloween Party by Pixiebear

Planning a party may sometimes seem like a big and overwhelming project, with lots to do and think about. You know I like things simplified, so I use 4 steps that help to get organized and plan a great party the easy way:

  1. Choose a theme and send out invitations.
  2. Themed party food.
  3. Favors for guests.
  4. Party decorations.

In this post I will focus on the first two steps and in the next one on the other two.

Step 1: Halloween Party Theme

Yes, your theme is of course – Halloween. But the way I see it there are two main options you can choose from as your Halloween party theme. I’m sure there are more options but I chose these two as I think they are the most common ones, and it will be much easier for you to plan your party in terms of finding lots of themed decoration and food ideas.

The first one is an Autumn/Harvest Festival Theme – this is a more traditional Halloween party design, in a color scheme of orange shades combined with black:

Halloween Party by Pixiebear

The second one is a more “Scary-Monstrous” Halloween theme which also adds purple and green to the mix of orange and black and makes it more playful:

Halloween Birthday Party Decorations by Pixiebear

Choosing one of these themes is really up to you and what you envision for your party. Everything else – party invitations, food and decor – will match the colors and design of your main theme and compliment it.

Once you’ve chosen your theme, you can start setting the mood for the party already in the Halloween Party Invitations you send out to your guests. Even though you might send your invitations well in advance, if the the design and colors in the invitation match the ones you chose for the party it will help put your guests in the right mood, creating excitement and expectation towards your party.

Halloween Birthday Invitations by Pixiebear
Halloween Party Invitations

Step 2: Halloween Party Food

There are so many cute ideas online for Halloween party food. You can see some of my favorites in my Halloween Party Ideas Pinterest board, but here are a few highlights:

Mini Chocolate Donut Spiders by ‘One Little Project’
Jack-O-Lantern Orange Fruit Cups by ‘Simplee Thrifty’
Fondant Ghost Cupcakes by ‘One Little Project’

Although I adore themed party food and admire those who can create food that’s shaped like a Halloween creature, I prefer simplicity. Some of the recipes and ideas you’ll find will be absolutely adorable but might seem overwhelming, especially if (like me) you’re not used to cooking and baking . Don’t worry – I really don’t think everyone needs to be an excellent cook in order to through a ‘Wow’ party. A simple solution I often use to make impressive looking party food without complicated cooking is – printable party decorations!

Most of the time I can cut and glue better than I can cook, and using cute themed Halloween party printables can make a great impression on your guests as they walk into your party.

I like to use simpler recipes for cupcakes or brownies, which don’t require icing or edible decorating, create mini bite-sized or personal portions and decorate each with a cute printable. Like these ghost and “Boo!” brownies for example:

Halloween Printables by Pixiebear

Halloween Printable Toppers by Pixiebear

Or these Halloween cupcakes:

Halloween Cupcake Toppers by Pixiebear

Halloween Party Printables by Pixiebear

Or these chocolate mousse decorated spoons:

Halloween Decorations by Pixiebear

Check out the second part of this post for Halloween treats and favors ideas and party decoration ideas.

All Halloween party printables and invitations can be found here.

Got any great simple-to-make Halloween food ideas? Please share them below!

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