Free Printable Halloween Labels by Pixiebear

If you’ve been around here for a while, you probably already know that I like to keep my party prepping as easy as possible, but still create an amazing-looking party by the end of the day.

And you also know that I want to help you do the same.

So with Halloween coming up, I have a special printable freebie for you!

This printable will help you create super-fun Halloween themed drinks for your party table in a matter of minutes.

Yes, minutes.

This printable makes things super-simple by using a little party decorating trick I like to call:

“If you can’t make it – Name it!”


The idea here is to use WORDS in order to turn any ordinary drink (or food) into a themed party drink!

There are 2 parts to getting this done just right:

Part 1 – Give your party drinks a creative title that relates to your party theme. In this case we’ll use a Halloween-y title and name our drink “Witches Brew”.

Part 2 – Use drinks in a color that supports your title. What color is better to represent a scary witch’s potion rather than black?

So how do you actually do it?


Part 1 is already done for you, and is what this freebie is all about! Just sign up below and download the printable “Witches Brew” labels:

Free Printable Halloween Labels by Pixiebear

Part 2 is where you’ll need to make black colored “Witches Brew” to serve as drinks.

Now before you stress out –

There is no crazy elaborate recipe here, I promise!

All you need is to go to your closest supermarket and get either Grape juice or a bottle of Coke. Then simply pour it into glasses or personal glass bottles, so that your guests can’t tell what it is by just looking at it.

They’ll need to taste your spooky witches brew to find out what it was made of. And you’ll get to see the amused looks on their faces once they do!

This trick is great for any themed party, you just need to get a little creative and come up with the right title + drink combination (in this case, I already did the work for you!).

Oh! And one last thing –

If you use this trick for your upcoming Halloween party, send me a picture or tag me on social media (#pixiebearparty, @pixiebearparty) – I’d love to see how your Halloween party turned out!

Free Printable Halloween Labels by Pixiebear
Easy DIY Halloween Drinks for Kids by Pixiebear