Virtual party decoration ideas

One of the benefits of having a virtual birthday party is that the decorating part becomes super easy.

When you host a party at your house or another venue, decorations play a huge part. There is usually a large space to be decorated; you hang door signs and yard signs; cook, bake and decorate an impressive dessert table; create party favor bags for your guests, and the list goes on.

At a virtual party – you won’t be doing most of that!

When it comes to decorating your virtual party, you’ll be focusing on decorating one wall in your living room – the one that will be behind you when you’re on the video call.

Think of what your guests will see through your computer or tablet camera, and use decorations as the background to create a festive party atmosphere.

What decorations to use for your virtual party?

Printables! (You knew that was coming, didn’t you? 😉 )

But seriously, printables are the perfect solution for your virtual party decorations:

They’re fast – Many party printables can be downloaded within minutes.

Small price + large impact: for just a few dollars you can create a colorful and fun party wall that will look great in the background of your video call, and create great party vibes.

Themed party printables make it easy for you to find exactly what you need for your own party theme (or help you with theme party ideas of you’re stuck).

You can stay inside – download and print at home without leaving the house.

And the bonus –

Assembling the decorations (cutting out, gluing and hanging on the walls) is a fun activity to do with your kids. This will get them excited about the party + keep them busy while we’re all staying at home.

Key printable decorations for a virtual party

  1. A printable birthday banner that you can personalize with your child’s name.
  2. Printable images to hang on the walls.
  3. Additional decorations that will look good on the screen – party signs and pennant flags.


Non-printable decorations you can find at home

Balloons are always a great option to make your house look festive and fun, but there are items you already have in your house that can make great party decor props.

Go back to your party theme: What objects do you have at home that are related to it? Whatever your theme is, if it’s something your child likes you probably have items related to it around the house.

If your child is all into vehicles, you probably have all kinds of toy cars in your house. If your party theme is safari animals, you probably have some stuffed animals or plastic ones. If your child is a huge basketball fan you probably have a game ball, team jerseys, and flags at home.

Ask your kids to help and gather a few items to be used as party decorations. Display them on shelves and other furniture, hang them from the ceiling or wear them.

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