Bee Pizza by Pixiebear Party Printables

Bee Pizza by Pixiebear Party Printables

This is a simple trick that makes a great impact.

As someone who isn’t much of a cook (my husband does the wonderful cooking and baking in our house), I love simplicity. I’m always looking for simple ways to make themed party food that looks great. The idea behind this Bumble Bee Pizza is one of them!

The secret is all in the toppings and how you place them.

How to Make a Bumble Bee Pizza by Pixiebear Party Printables

I’m not going to elaborate on how to make the base of the pizza (dough and tomato sauce) as there are plenty of excellent recipes online. Once you have your base ready, cover it with your favorite kind of cheese flakes or grind cheese.

Now let’s give the pizza that awesome yellow & black bumble bee look!

For this Pizza, you’ll need black olive rings and corn – a good yellow & black combo that also tastes great! Gently place alternating stripes of the two toppings. As you do so, follow these guidelines:

How to Make a Bee Pizza by Pixiebear Party Printables

1. I recommended using a rectangle baking dish so that you can choose between placing the stripes horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. I chose to make diagonal stripes as I think it looks good when you cut the pizza into little squares. You can choose any direction you like best, the important thing is to pick one and stick to it.

2. Keep in mind that if you use a round baking dish you’ll be cutting the pizza as triangles and the stripes on each slice will look different. Personally, I like a more cohesive look so I went with a rectangular one.

3. Make the stripes thick, dense, and close to each other – with as few gaps as possible. Once you bake the pizza the cheese under the toppings will melt. If you don’t place a good thick layer of the toppings beforehand, the stripes effect will be lost inside the melted cheese.

4. To create a full-themed atmosphere for your party guests to enjoy, use some Bee Party Decorations!

Bee Party by Pixiebear Party Printables

Bumble Bee Pizza Tutorial by Pixiebear Party Printables

Bee Birthday Party by Pixiebear Party Printables

You can find more simple-to-make party food ideas that look great in the Party Food and Drinks category on my blog!

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