Virtual party games for kids

A virtual party can pose a challenge when it comes to party activities and games.

But you can have a fun birthday and keep everyone engaged and excited even if they’re not in the same room with a little bit of planning ahead.


Ask your guests to take an active part in the party preparations


There are activities in which you can ask your guests to actively take part in preparing.

For these to be successful, make sure you give your guests simple and clear instructions and ask them well in advance, so that they can get ready on time for the party.

While you may not feel comfortable asking your guests to take an active part in the preparations, but these ideas are all about making it fun for them and getting them excited about the party.

Think about it – Your guests are at home just like you. A fun activity to keep the kids busy at this time might actually be welcomed.

Also, when your guests prepare something for the party beforehand they will really look forward to it. They can’t wait to show everyone what they made, and see what others have made for the party. This helps to create a great fun atmosphere during the party.


Virtual party ideas for guests activities


Of course, you know your guests best – if you think co-operation on their side will be low, skip ahead to the next section about party games. Otherwise, here are a few ideas for engaging your guests in preparation for your virtual party:

1. Dress up

Ask your guests to dress up in something related to the theme of the party (like jerseys for a sports-themed party, for instance).

Your guests can use anything they have at home, like old costumes, party hats, feather scarves, crowns, and other party props. They can create something themselves – this can be a great craft activity for the kids as well.

You can also ask your guests to decorate their own house with balloons or bunting flags, for a more festive atmosphere.

This part doesn’t need to be complicated – whatever your guests have at home or they can make is fine. It is more about getting everyone excited about the party.

Quick Tip:

Set aside any costumes or party props you have, or create new ones out of craft material and fabric you have at home (keep it fun & simple!). Do this ahead of time, so that you’re not looking for a party outfit last minute!

2. Read birthday cards and open presents together

Ask your guest to send cards and gifts for the birthday child ahead of time. On the day of the party make a big pile in the middle of your living room. Read the cards and have your child open the presents during the video call.

3. Talent Show

Ask your guests to prepare a surprise for the birthday child – draw a picture, prepare a song, create a dance, etc. Give time for every child to show what they prepared during the party.


Virtual party games for kids you can prepare at home


Other than the activities mentioned above, there are party games you can play which work well for a virtual kids’ party.

In the days before the party, take a few minutes to plan out and prepare for each game.

1. Dance party

Create a playlist of your child’s favorite songs to play during the party, or find dancing games which fit your child’s age:

  • Movement and action songs are a great activity for younger kids.
  • For the older kids, you can do freeze dance and Kids Bop dances

2. At-home Scavenger Hunt

Send your guests looking for specific items around the house.

These can be things related to the party theme, items that begin with the first letter of their name, or items that begin with the letters of the birthday child’s name. Each guest gets to show what they found.

3. Who Knows the Birthday Child Best?

Ask your guests questions about your child’s favorite things – like color, food, season, TV-show, action-figure or cartoon character, etc.

You can send questions to your guests ahead of time so they can think about the answers beforehand if you prefer.

Quick Tip:

Write your questions down ahead of time so that you don’t get stuck during the party. You can also print out party signs with your questions to hold up during the party.


Blow out the candles on the cake


The highlight of every birthday party is when the birthday child blows out the candles on the cake and makes a wish.

Just because you’re hosting a virtual party, doesn’t mean you need to skip this integral (and fun!) part.

Your guests may not be able to eat the cake with you but they can still share your child’s joy and excitement.

Just imagine –

The main lights are turned off, everyone is singing “Happy Birthday” and you bring out a beautiful themed birthday cake with lit candles. Your child makes a wish and then blows out the candles, while everyone is cheering and congratulating.

This can turn out to be the most memorable moment of your child’s birthday, being surrounded by loving family members and friends who are all there to make this day and this party special.

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