How to add your own text to birthday printable files

You can personalize the printable party files with your own text in a few simple steps! Here is how to do it, as shown on my Basketball Party Cupcake Toppers:

1.Open an Editable-text PDF file on Adobe Reader (You can download it here for free:

2.You will see all Editable-text fields highlighted in pale-blue rectangles (if the text fields are not highlighted, here is an explanation on how to highlight the text fields).

How to add your own text to birthday printable files

3.With your mouse cursor, highlight the text you wish to edit. It will be highlighted in black. Type over with your own text.

How to edit party printable files with your own wording

4. Once you finish typing click with your cursor anywhere outside the text field. Font size will automatically re-size to fit the field size. Any Fields with similar text will automatically change to the new text you typed in – so you only need to edit once!

How to add your own text to party printable files

Quick Tip: You can have the same file with different text by using the “Save As” option. For instance if you want more than 4 food tent cards: edit once with your own text and save. Then edit again with new text and use the “Save As” option to give the file a new name. That way you’ll have 8 different tent cards.

Something not working? Check out the Troubleshooting page or contact me with any question you have 🙂