Summer Party Decorations by Pixiebear

I hope you’re having a lovely summer and enjoying the holiday with your kids. Over here it is already very hot, and we spend most of our days indoors using the air conditioner, with an occasional pop to the nearest swimming pool or beach. We also have a small inflatable pool in our porch, which my little boy loves to play in 🙂

Below are some photos of a summer party I did for my sister a few years ago. She was coming home after spending time in very cold weather in another country, and was looking forward to being in warm weather again. If you’re on the other side of the planet right now, you can probably relate!

I wrote about some of the design and food ideas I used for this party in a previous post. In it you can also find links to recipes for the cool looking (and easy-to-make!) Ombre Drinks and the Palm Tree Fruit Salad. The printables for this party come in two color schemes (this is the pink-coral girly version, there is a blue-aqua version for boys as well) can be found here.

Wherever you are – warm or cold, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Summer Party Decorations by Pixiebear Summer Birthday Party by Pixiebear
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