Most common troubleshooting issues can be resolved by using the LATEST version of Adobe Reader on a regular computer (Windows or Mac). You can download Adobe Reader FREE from this link:

After you download and install Adobe Reader on your computer, launch the program and then open the files directly from it.

If you open the files by double-clicking on them they may open on a different default program installed on your computer and not on Adobe Reader.

Do not try to open or edit the files using a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device – the files will not work properly on these.

I get an error message when trying to open the ZIP file.

If you receive such a message it may mean there was an error while downloading the file or that you tried to open the ZIP file directly in Adobe Reader.

Download the file again and make sure it is FULLY downloaded before trying to open it. The ZIP files are usually quite large since they contain high resolution PDF files, so sometimes it may take a little longer to complete the download.

Once the ZIP file is fully downloaded you will need to unzip it:

Mac users – double-click on the file.

Windows users – You can double-click on the file to open it and then copy the PDF files inside it to a different folder. Or – you can locate the ZIP file on your computer folders, right-click and choose “Extract”, to extract the PDF files from the ZIP file.

Once the file is unzipped you can open the individual PDF files on Adobe Reader.

I can’t save the changes I made to the file. When I use the “Save As” option it saves a blank copy of the file or I get an error message.

Make sure you use the latest version of Adobe Reader on a regular computer. In order to save your changes use only the “Save” or “Save As” options (the “Print to save as a PDF” option is not available in these files and will show you an error message.)

 The font looks different than in the listing or it changes when I type in my own text.

All fonts are embedded in the files so there should be no changes.

If you see fonts different than the ones in the original listings, you may have opened the file in a program other than Adobe reader or in your internet browser. Use only Adobe Reader to open and edit the files.

When you open and edit a file in Adobe Reader sometimes the font looks as if it changes while editing. After you highlight and edit with your own text, click with your mouse cursor anywhere outside the highlighted field and it should go back to the original font.

I can’t see any text in my file or I can’t change it.

This happens if you open the files using a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device – the files will not work properly on these.

Download the files to a regular computer and then open in Adobe Reader.

 I am being asked for a password.

If you are being asked for a password you are trying to open the files in a program different than Adobe Reader. Make sure to use only Adobe Reader to open the files – you do not need a password for that.

The printed colors look different than on my computer.

Usually printed colors will slightly vary from how they appear on your screen.

Colors may seem different from monitor to monitor, and type of paper, printer and print setting may all affect the printed outcome.

I strongly recommend that you print a sample proof prior to printing the entire party decor and purchasing coordinating supplies to match.

There are several things you can do to improve the printed outcome:

  1. Make sure you are printing from Adobe Reader only, as using a different program may sometimes result in color changes.
  2. For a vibrant outcome it is most recommended to use a heavy weight premium photo paper in a soft/semi-gloss or matte finish. Printing on different or lesser quality types of paper can drastically change the colors even when using the same printer.
  3. Make sure to check the level of ink or toner in your cartridges.
  4. When printing, make sure to select the correct type of paper you are using in the Print Settings of the Print Dialog Box, and select the Best quality print settings.